About us

BK Trading CO

BK Trading CO

Who We Are ?

BK Trading Co is one of the best and largest processors, packers, and exporter of freshwater fishes, seawater fishes, and frozen fish products from Pakistan. Our company started exporting fishes and fish products to China, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, and Singapore.

Vision & Mission

By increasing demand and quantity, it leads us to be more professional and competent in the market. Years have passed by and we are facilitating our customers to satisfy their needs by supplying good quality in the best possible way. We provide all fish products solutions under one roof exclusively for our customers.

The Facility

Our product line included fresh water fishes and sea water fishes:- Fresh water fishes includes tengra, star-baim, sole, singhi, pabda and kangla and sea water fishes includes Mackerel, White CROCKER, Jelly Fish, White Snapper Bait, sole fish and Skip jack Tuna.

Global Serve

We have started working with many international companies for several years and as time went past our relationship had become very strong.  By seeing the rise in the international demand our company grew and supplied even more products to meet our requirements in the international market.