Dedication to quality and hygiene, our fishes and shrimps come from unpolluted and open water. Our fishes and fish products are then processed according to the HACCP and U.S FDA Standard processing factory which is equipped with the most modern and advanced processing facilities. We only recruit employees which are professionally skilled to ensure stability and regularity of our fish products. Clean and fresh water is used for all the operations conducted within the plant and extra care is taken on personal hygiene of all teams that are engaged in Processing, inspection and quality checks are conducted several times during the production by our professionally qualified quality control team.

BK Traders only recruits a team of professionally skilled and hyped work forces which are trained in various departments in our company and plant. Usual training provided both in the company and given by professional agencies externally is conducted in technological department as well as non technological departments, which includes processing skills, quality control and leadership skills.

The Processing Steps Are:-

Step 1: Fishes are received from the central fish market of Karachi.

Step 2: Fishes are then inspected and the rejected fishes are sent back to the central fish market of Karachi.

Step 3: Approved fishes and shrimps are then sent to the peeling department for cleaning.

Step 4: Cleaned fishes and shrimps are then washed and frosted in the chilled water tanks.

Step 5: Chilled fishes and shrimps are then separated according to different grades.

Step 6: Graded fishes and shrimps are then washed again and again chilled in different tanks.

Step 7: Graded fishes and shrimps are then transferred to the packaging department and are packed in small boxes.

Step 8: Small boxes are then transferred on to trays and then freezed in the provided contact freezer which is set at -40 C for 90 minutes.

Step 9: Then the small boxes are then transferred to the main cartons.

Step 10: Main cartons are then stored Inside the provided cold storage. The storage unit is set at -18 C to -20 C for shipment to customers.