BK Traders is bound to store, process, and supply the best quality of freshwater fishes as well as seawater fishes regularly meeting the local and international terms and conditions.

In order to achieve this, the management has been setup purely based on HACCP quality standard system. The entire needed infrastructure, certified and committed work force and financial hold is provided by our exclusive management. A semi conductive working space is given to the workers by the management to facilitate teamwork and successful implementation according to the policy. The key strength of our company is the team which puts in all the hard work.

We only supply the best quality of fishes and fish products from our central fish market. Firstly our professionals inspect the fishes and shrimps and if they are satisfied with the quality then they allow the rest of the team to continue the further processing of the fishes and shrimps. When the fishes and shrimps arrive at our company, again our professional inspector’s team (Quality Control Team) ensures the quality and rejected the fishes and shrimps if the quality is not meeting our company’s standards. Later the fishes and shrimps are frosted, then again the quality of fishes and shrimps are checked by the frozen department of our company and if the quality is not meeting the standards or the fishes and shrimps are damaged then these fishes and shrimps are sent back to the central fish market of Karachi.